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Tips ☝️ (How we get the most out of Merge)

When travelling, we use icons for modes of travel.  E.g. a flight diary entry always starts with ✈️ emoji.  In merge, simply type ✈️ in the search field to see all of your flights in a simple list

In Contacts, other than Birthdays and Anniversaries, we have a custom events set as RIP to commemorate the date of family and friends who have since passed away.  This is then displayed in Merge, and can also be filtered to a list using Focus

When setting up a new Contact/Birthday, you don't need to have anything in a phone Contact except for a name and a Day + Month.  You don't need a phone number, an email, or even a year.

So you can set a birthday for your new-born, great-great grandparents, dog, cat, goldfish - whatever!

Experiment with lots of new Calendars!  Shared, subscribed (e.g. holidays), private, business - Merge will keep them all together or you can get the best out of Select and Focus views.  You can also have Multiple Reminders Lists (set new Calendar/Reminders lists up in Apple Calendars and Reminders)

If you email/message someone from the Contact detail page (the one with all the Star sign info) on their Birthday, there are a few emoji's and a simple message pre-populated for all you busy people out there.

From your iOS device Home Screen, you can long-press the Merge icon and get a fast shortut to create new events or jump to Birthdays

Merge Quick Add menu

Menu and Settings


Main Menu

Select 👉



Group by Day, Week, or Month


Confirgure how much detail per row


View Contacts editor, or display Merge's unique and (may we say fabulous) Birthdays Countdown view


Options for viewng Completed and Unchecked Reminders

Reminders Options: for the way you do things

Options are available in the Merge Menu which can change the way Reminders are displayed.

Show Completed Reminders 

Allows you to turn on all past checked Reminders, and even search them

The bottom Menu option is a bit of a mouthful and in need of an explanation;-

If you are the type of person who does not tick off their Reminder when it's due, and instead let them drift off to the forgotten past, this may be a good option to keep your today view clean.

If you are a rigid To-Do list checker who always make sure no Reminder ever goes unchecked, you can set this on.  All unchecked Reminders stay stubbornly on your Today date (with an overdue count) until checked off.

I don't understand how Reminders work 🤯

After receiving a negative AppStore review regarding the way Merge handles Reminders (which was incorrect, unfair, uneducated, patronising, and very irritating!) I skipped my morning coffee and went for a long run to unwind and think. Which prompted me to add this section.

As a retired couple, we code for a hobby.  Our motivation is good feedback - NOT $$$.

A good feedback/review puts a big smile on our faces for the day.  It makes us feel that what we do is worthwhile.  Negative feedback as you can imagine has the opposite effect.  ANYWAY, enough😄  back to Reminders;-

How do Reminders work and display?  Yes it can be confusing.  The best advice I can give is to spend a few short minutes with this test.  First add these reminders;

See how they are displayed in Merge, Apple’s Reminders, or your favourite Calendar app.  Maybe wait a day and see how the undated and unchecked Reminder is displayed in all your apps. You can also in Merge settings show/hide completed Reminders and change display options.

Hopefully by then the advantages of Merge are more apparent!  It's one of the reason we (us, family, friends) use only Merge.  Enjoy!


Wizard View 🪄

[Day, Week, Month] [Expand/Compress] [Countdown] [Show/Hide lines]

Wizard view gives you a way to fast-switch between your two favourite views.  These are saved.  You can still over-ride any of these settings in the main Merge menu.

Why have Fetch Range?

🐇 <---------> 🐢

Merge "grabs" an entire range of data into one object to allow the flexibility to sort and group items the way it does.

Getting snappy performance in Merge

The settings above affect the speed of Merge when switching views.  If you have a very large number of calendars and entries, try speeding up Merge by:-

Performance will be improved in future updates (and those iPhones/iPads are only getting faster!)

Multi Day Events


When you enter a multi-day event, if this switch is on, all events will display; e.g. an event spanning 2 weeks will display 14 times (every day). in expanded mode the duration is also displayed.


If you switch this off, the event is displayed twice (Start and End days), with duration in expanded mode.  Also, when you are inside the range, “Ends in x days” is also displayed.

Display Icons & Symbols ➡︎🏁⏰ 

► Top bar icons

Merge Calendars Pro Top bar icons

Refresh Carries out a full fetch, then jumps to today.

Menu Access to all settings/features.

Calendar Toggle's graphic month view on/off (only in Month Display Mode).

(Display Mode)

Wizard View Fast-switch between your two custom views.  (Set up in "Other Settings")

New Item New Calendar event, Reminder event, or Contact

► Row Symbols

Multi-day event 

Multi-day event end ➠ 🏁

Repeating event

Note 🗒

Reminder alarm set (specific time) ⏰

Reminder High Priority event I

Reminder Medium Priority event I

Reminder Low Priority event I

Reminder No Priority event I

Month Calendar View 📅

Scroll Merge list to move the Month View display

Bottom label displays current event (top row of Merge List)

Top arrows jump forward/back a month

Heat map Shade of red highlights number of events that day.

Touch date to jump to a date in Merge display.

Long-press date to add a new item on that date.

Merge Calendars Pro Month View

Focus View 🔦

A fast & snappy way to see one Calendar list only.  Temporary until Refesh button clicked (top left)

Merge Calendars Pro Focus View-1

All Items

Choose a row, swipe right-to-left

Merge Calendars Pro Focus View-2

Swipe to Focus

Touch Focus

Merge Calendars Pro Focus View-3

Only Selected Calendar shown

You can change Day/Week/Month/Compressed views.  Touch Refresh (top left button) to return to normal Merged views.

Setting up non-Apple Calendars to Merge

► Google and Outlook

To add your Calendars/Reminders/Tasks into Merge (or any iOS App), simply add it to the iOS world in Settings.  You can still use your current way of accessing your Calendars, as this runs in sync/in parallel.  (Screenshots below iOS 14)

iOS 14 Google Calendar setup


iPhone or iPad settings

iOS 14 Google Calendar setup


Show all current accounts

iOS 14 Google Calendar setup

Add Account

Add new account

iOS 14 Google Calendar setup

Choose your account

Have your password ready and follow login instructions

iOS 14 Google Calendar setup


Choose what entities you want to sync

iOS 14 Google Calendar setup

Run Merge

Choose Select, select your entities, your Calendars/Tasks should now be visible