Merge Calendars & Reminders

Merge Calendars Pro is the easiest way to combine all your events, tasks, birthdays, & yearly events into one clear timeline with countdown and full editing

Why Merge?

If you are using any other way of quickly checking your up-coming events, you are wasting your precious time!  Don’t switch between your various Calendar, Reminder, ToDo and Birthday Apps - Just Merge!

Do you just use a single calendar? 

...or a mix of personal, work, shared, and subscribed Calendars? - Apple, Google, Outlook?

…and even multiple Reminders lists?

…and not forgetting all those yearly events hidden away in your Contacts (birthdays, anniversaries, custom yearly events)?

Whatever your needs, Merge gives you a simple fuss-free chronological listing (with a days-to-go countdown) of ALL your events, so you can combine and sync Google, Outlook, and Apple Calendars Reminders (tasks)  and Birthdays into one fuss-free App.

You can quickly switch on/off all or individual Calendars, Reminders and Contacts to get a clear comparison of events side-by-side, and get a clear perspective, without the clutter!

And when you need to edit, or check-off a Reminder - you are just a swipe away.

Merge Calendars and Reminders  presents and edits data directly from your iOS device's Calendars, Reminders, and Contacts, but in a fast easy accessible format.

Merge works equally well with non-Apple products such as Google and Outlook Calendars, Tasks & ContactsSee here how to set them up.

This gives you the best of both worlds:

Select your lists

Fast select...

Select Lists to Merge

Day or Week View


Week view (expanded)

...and Month View


Month view (compressed)


Merge Calendars Pro is;-

* PRIVATE: No data collection. No advertisements.

* SECURE: No proprietary app database. All data safely kept in YOUR Apple, Outlook, and Google Calendars, Reminders, and Contacts on YOUR device, synced across all your devices. If you delete Merge, you keep ALL of your data to use in your choice of iOS Calendar and Reminder app.

* PURCHASING OPTIONS Including Free limited function demo, Subscriptions with one-month free  (full functionality), or a one-off single purchase for Lifetime

* MANY LAYOUT AND THEME OPTIONS to get the view that suits you.

Detailed Feature List


 Fast switch between two custom views.  Set up preferences in Other Settings.  Options for;-

 Day-Week-Month, Compressed-expanded, Countdown-No Countdown, Alternate Shading-No Shading.

 Short press to jump to date

 Long press to add new item at selected date




* Display Contact details;-

Merge Calendars Pro is not just another Calendar, but a full featured personal information manager and will soon make Merge your Personal Organizer of choice